Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Tone Tammy

I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to start sharing my nursery projects with you. I have been holding off doing anything until I reached 14weeks, just in case I jinxed it. But I am officially 18 weeks now and the projects have begun! I told you all about the vibe I was going for last week in this post. Neutral is the name of the game :)
Here is the checklist that I have started (and I am sure will evolve as I go) with what I want to do to get the room ready:
-design and sew bed skirt and bumper (bumper we will use when baby is a little older)
-makeover vintage dresser for changing table
-buy a crib
-rehang and accessorize chalkboard
-rewire standing lamp
-dress up back of bookcases
-reorganize closet
-figure out storage (toys, laundry, books)
-art for over the crib
-make pillows for bed
-find a home for old office space
All for as close to $500 as possible
The first project I tackled was the dresser makeover. And you all know how I love a good furniture face lift! Of course, I went straight to Craigslist to find something that was going to work. I wanted a dresser that was tall so changing baby would not kill my back, had good storage, and was not a true changing table. I would love this to be something that baby can use for a while.
I found this for a whopping $85.

Honestly, I really did like the original color, but it was not quite the right blue and it needed a little love.
First step was to remove the hardware, then sand and use a filler to fix any dents or chipped areas.

Up next was primer (2 coats).

I was debating going all blue like the one on my inspiration board, but then I realized the the pale blue kind of blended in to the light gray walls. Blah...
So I decided to go two-tone with it. A white body and pale blue drawers. I knew I liked the two-tone look from this side table project I did, and if it went south then it would just take a can of paint to fix. I already had the blue and the white semi-gloss paint from past projects as well as a foam roller. Whoop Whoop for having to buy NO supplies!
After two coats of each color, I accented the detailing that frames the doors with a thin pinpoint of white paint. I just used painters tape to make sure that it was not messy.

I loved the hardware so I was able to just reattach and the dresser was good to go!


I think baby will love it. If not, I will tell it how my back was sore for a week after painting this sucker, so that's just too bad!
All in all, I am in this project for $85. Not too shabby...

XOXO Katie

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  1. oh my gosh, it looks fantastic!!! :)

  2. Love this! Seriously, it looks great!

    xo, Emily

  3. Looks great! So glad you are back to posting! Looking forward to all the baby updates/ posts to come!

  4. Looks perfect!! If the baby doesnt like it, I could totally find a new home for it!

    I still have to send you my list of items I need for my apartment. Since you are the craigslist queen and all :)