About Me

Hi Everyone! Let me introduce myself; my name is Katie and I am 27 years old living in Boston, MA. This blog follows my adventures in using imagination, inspiration, and a little elbow grease to create a warm and happy home for my husband and myself. As a young couple, we have big ideas, but are living on a small budget- so thinking outside the box is the name of the game. I am so happy you can join me in this journey, and I hope some ideas inspire you too!

 I married my wonderful husband Joey in September of 2009 after dating for 8 years. Having started our relationship at a ripe age of 16, I knew he was the one for me- and as my Dad says, "I always get what I want" :) 

We are both originally from the Chicago area and have transplanted ourselves in Boston while the hubs completes his surgical residency. We got married, moved across the country, started new jobs, and bought our first place all within our first year of marriage. Let's just say it's been a roller coaster, and the ride is not slowing down yet! We try to look at everyday as an adventure and we know it will only make us a stronger couple in the end.

I am so excited to share our progress in making our house a home, and demonstrate all of the fun little projects that keep me inspired and constantly changing it up.

Welcome again, and remember the more the merrier here at "At Home When I'm With You"

XOXO Katie
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