Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Holiday Baby Shower!

This is about 6 weeks overdue, but I wanted to share a few quick photos from my holiday themed baby shower! Because I don’t live in Chicago with all of my family and friends, my sis and mom hosted a shower during the holidays to ensure everyone would be home and I would not have to take an extra trip back (especially when I will be super preggos).
The timing was perfect because house was already decorated for Christmas, plus we are not finding out the gender so there was no need to have pink or blue plastered all over the place.  It was so nice to have everyone over to celebrate my little bump (at the time, I was only 20 weeks pregnant), and gave us another reason to snack on yummy treats and catch up.
Here are a few pics of the set up!


It was amazing to see how excited all of our loved ones are for this baby to arrive. We will be the first couple in our extended family-friend group to have a baby, and the ladies were so generous excited for the new addition.

The food was so yummy and all homemade, which made the day feel really special. We had about 35 people and with no real room for tables, so it was fun figuring out what finger foods would work for a brunch.
The bite sized menu included:
-mini caprese
-mini quiche
-apricots topped with blue cheese ,walnut, and honey
-my mom’s special veggie pizza
-deviled eggs
-lox on a baguette with herbed cheese spread
-muffins & scones
-sausage meat balls with a maple dipping sauce
-fruit kabobs
-cheese tray

My sis kept it simple and we ate, laughed, mingled, and opened gifts to keep it short. It was December 23rd, so everyone had lots to do before the holiday. It meant so much that everyone took the time out of their crazy schedules to come and celebrate!
I can’t believe how many amazing gifts we received- this is going to be one spoiled and loved baby! Getting everything back to Boston was a breeze- I have some serious packing skills and was able to ship everything back in 2 medium moving boxes. Look at all of this stuff!
Thank you to everyone that could make it and even those who sent their love from afar. We cant wait for the baby to arrive and you can all meet the little person otherwise known as “bump”!

XOXO Katie
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  1. I've never seen a holiday baby shower before, but wow, was it beautiful! I loved all the details, but what was the red thing in the champagne glasses? It looked like a cherry and I would love to know so I can re-create for next year!

    1. Thanks Jess! Those were raspberries :) Just throw them in the glass and it dresses up plain champagne or a mimosa!

  2. Wonderful baby shower!! I am really happy to find elegant décor done here. The Christmas theme is really looking wonderful. Want to arrange my friend’s baby shower also at one of event venues Chicago. Very excited for the party.