Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Furniture Find

I am starting to think that the girls at the thrift shop down my street think I am a hoarder. For real.
I go in there every weekend and see the same people working all the time. But how could I resist when I find amazing pieces like this?!

For less than an eighth of the price of similar styles at Restoration Hardware, how could I pass this set up? Regardless of the fact that I DO NOT need any more furniture, nor do I need to be throwing down my hard earned cash on a whim- I still went for it.
But these beauties were not for me, there were to go straight to Craigslist. Mama needs a little spare cash!

The details were really nice, and although I didn't exactly who made them, I guessed they were not sent over on the boat from China. The down feather cushions said they were made in Brooklyn, so I will assume the whole chair is US born.
Needless to say, these chairs sold in less than a day for more that 4xs what I paid for them. Amazeballs!
I am thinking that once baby comes, this resale hobby of mine might need to become more of a part time job. Its the thrill of the hunt that keeps me going :)

XOXO Katie
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  1. I love your upselling success! I had a bad Craigslist encounter once, so now I am a little nervous, but you do inspire me! :)


  2. It looks vintage and I love the design! It looks like the same one my family had since I was a kid, I wonder where it is now. I just love wooden furniture, it really stands the test of time, at least most of the time it does.

  3. such an amazing blog
    congratulations honey!!!