Monday, February 18, 2013

Railing It Up

Wow, I can’t believe we are already setting up a crib! Of course I had to document Joey putting together the new bed for our baby. Even if he pretends to be camera shy, I know he secretly loves his candid photo opsJ
We went with the Davinci Jenny Lind Crib in white from Target. Honestly, I was a bit worried about the quality because the price was so affordable (under $200!), but so far I am really loving it. I have seen this exact same crib at specialty stores for more than double that price and its made by the same manufacturer and looks identical. So I am baffled as to why someone would pay the extra cost for it, but not I! My amazing sis gave the crib to us as a baby shower gift so I have her to thank for helping this nugget sleep in styleJ
It was super easy to put together- took us less than 20 minutes, and it felt really solid and sturdy.  The white is a nice crisp color and the wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around when I want to vacuum the dust bunnies from under there ( bahh- who am I kidding, I will never do that, but it sounds like something a good mom would do…).  I went with white because the gender of the baby is going to be a surprise, so I figured something clean and simple would be the way to go.
*Please note Joey's "If you don't stop taking pics of me I'm just going to make funny faces" face. The boy loves to model, just hates to admit it :)
 The space is pretty tight in the nursery/guestroom, but I was pleased to see that the crib fit right into the little nook that I imagined for it.
I ordered the mattress on Amazon that is specifically designed for this style of crib- The Davinci Twilight Ultra Firm Crib Mattress-6”. Apparently the crib is slightly longer than a standard crib, so this mattress is the best fit. At $68 plus free shipping (booya Amazon Prime!) I didn’t break a sweat like I thought I would. I thought the mattress would be relatively expensive since adult size ones can cost an arm and a leg. So under $70 was a pleasant surprise. It is totally waterproof for those lovely middle of the night accidents J
Time to start on the bedding! Of course I plan to DIY that because how hard could it be? If anyone can sew a few rectangles, its this girlJ
Anyone else enjoy the photo-op of their significant other putting together their crib? I feel like that is something I wanted to document for baby’s scrapbook, and thought you might too!
XOXO Katie
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Holiday Baby Shower!

This is about 6 weeks overdue, but I wanted to share a few quick photos from my holiday themed baby shower! Because I don’t live in Chicago with all of my family and friends, my sis and mom hosted a shower during the holidays to ensure everyone would be home and I would not have to take an extra trip back (especially when I will be super preggos).
The timing was perfect because house was already decorated for Christmas, plus we are not finding out the gender so there was no need to have pink or blue plastered all over the place.  It was so nice to have everyone over to celebrate my little bump (at the time, I was only 20 weeks pregnant), and gave us another reason to snack on yummy treats and catch up.
Here are a few pics of the set up!


It was amazing to see how excited all of our loved ones are for this baby to arrive. We will be the first couple in our extended family-friend group to have a baby, and the ladies were so generous excited for the new addition.

The food was so yummy and all homemade, which made the day feel really special. We had about 35 people and with no real room for tables, so it was fun figuring out what finger foods would work for a brunch.
The bite sized menu included:
-mini caprese
-mini quiche
-apricots topped with blue cheese ,walnut, and honey
-my mom’s special veggie pizza
-deviled eggs
-lox on a baguette with herbed cheese spread
-muffins & scones
-sausage meat balls with a maple dipping sauce
-fruit kabobs
-cheese tray

My sis kept it simple and we ate, laughed, mingled, and opened gifts to keep it short. It was December 23rd, so everyone had lots to do before the holiday. It meant so much that everyone took the time out of their crazy schedules to come and celebrate!
I can’t believe how many amazing gifts we received- this is going to be one spoiled and loved baby! Getting everything back to Boston was a breeze- I have some serious packing skills and was able to ship everything back in 2 medium moving boxes. Look at all of this stuff!
Thank you to everyone that could make it and even those who sent their love from afar. We cant wait for the baby to arrive and you can all meet the little person otherwise known as “bump”!

XOXO Katie
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Furniture Find

I am starting to think that the girls at the thrift shop down my street think I am a hoarder. For real.
I go in there every weekend and see the same people working all the time. But how could I resist when I find amazing pieces like this?!

For less than an eighth of the price of similar styles at Restoration Hardware, how could I pass this set up? Regardless of the fact that I DO NOT need any more furniture, nor do I need to be throwing down my hard earned cash on a whim- I still went for it.
But these beauties were not for me, there were to go straight to Craigslist. Mama needs a little spare cash!

The details were really nice, and although I didn't exactly who made them, I guessed they were not sent over on the boat from China. The down feather cushions said they were made in Brooklyn, so I will assume the whole chair is US born.
Needless to say, these chairs sold in less than a day for more that 4xs what I paid for them. Amazeballs!
I am thinking that once baby comes, this resale hobby of mine might need to become more of a part time job. Its the thrill of the hunt that keeps me going :)

XOXO Katie
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Deal of the Day

Just in case you are like myself, and do a clean sweep off all of your emails without reading half of them, there was one that you might not want to miss.

This popped up on in my Livingsocial email the other day:
Love Rugs USA.
They have great rugs for super affordable prices. Here are a few on the site right now that I have been lusting over...

Rugs USA Homespun Inspire Navy Rug
Rugs USA Homespun Chevron Cream Rug
Rugs USA Overdye Jalsa Turquoise Rug
Rugs USA Santa Ana Verden Ikat Smoke Rug
Rugs USA Tuscan Terali Moroccan Trellis Sunshine Rug

This deal ends on Monday so nab it up while you can!

XOXO Katie
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