Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dollar Savin' Tricks

I am nothing if not a true penny pincher. There are and many money saving tips out there so it would be criminal not to share tidbits that I have gathered from surfing the net. All are for major national stores and we all can take advantage of the savings without having to go coupon clipping crazy like what creepy show Extreme Couponing on TLC. Those ladies freak me out- talk about being wasteful!

This one is brought to you by Mommysavers.com and they breakdown the ins-and-outs of clearance items at Target (Tarjay- if you're feeling fancy).
Fave Tip #1- If the price ends in 8, it will be marked down again. If it ends in a 4, it's the lowest it will be.
Fav Tip #2 Tip- Every Target has a markdown schedule and a very common one is as follows: 
 MONDAY: Kids’ Clothing, Stationery (office supplies, gift wrap), Electronics.
TUESDAY: Women’s Clothing and Domestics.
WEDNESDAY: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty.
THURSDAY: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares.
FRIDAY: cosmetics

Looks like Tuesday and Thursday are going to be my score days!!

Home Depot/ Lowes

This next tip is from blogger Raechel Meyers- love her site! She mentioned a little tip on her blog yesterday that I knew about but never put two and two together that you don't have to really be moving to get the coupons!

Raechel wrote, "If you’re buying your appliances at Lowe’s or Home Depot, first make a run to the Post Office. Ask for a change of address/moving kit and in that envelope, there will be a Lowe’s 10% off coupon. (And of course you know that you can use Lowe’s/Home Depot coupons interchangeably at those stores because they’re competitors and they’d be silly not to accept each other’s coupons. Silly.) So, if you’re planning to drop two grand on appliances and other supplies, 10% = $200!"


Joann Fabrics

 I had this app downloaded as soon as I saw it on blog Create.Craft.Love.
Hate when you have made it all the way to Joann's and you forgot your dang coupon? It kills me every time- those things come in the mail constantly and I always forgot to cut them out, and if I do they turn into a crumpled mess on the bottom of my purse. Well no more! There is a an app that pulls up all coupons, store locations and tons more right on your smart phone with the hit of one button.


 I first got turned on to ShopGoodwill.com from one of my daily reads; EverythingLEB. I am shocked that I had no idea that one of my weekly pit stops actually had an online shopping site. I have since become addicted to stalking the inventory daily to see what goodies are up for grabs.

I will keep you updated on what other deals I come across- at the moment I am on hold with Comcast (aka- the devil) trying to get a better rate on my monthly bill. I'm sorry, but $190/mo for cable, Internet, and a phone I never use is redonk. I will take notes and pass on any tips I can squeeze out of the customer service person. But at this rate I am feeling like I'm in an episode of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? with who I get on the phone. I'm just thankful that they don't charge long distance for an 800 number- Lord knows how much this 25 minute phone call would be to some rural call center in India. #lameadultproblems

XOXO Katie
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  1. Great tips! I am also a penny pincher. I rarely buy things that aren't on sale. I have lots of pit stops in Target where I check each of the sale sections and end caps each time I'm in the store to see what they've got. Great to know their markdown schedule!

    1. Those end caps have the best stuff! Also the clearance clothing racks :)

  2. Love these! I often buy Lowe's coupons on eBay and use them online for pick up in store ;)

  3. Fantastic post! Especially the one about Lowe's

  4. Awesome tips! I had never thought of the lowes one! Another cool one: the Michael's app for iPhone. Michael's has awesome weekly coupons (often 40 or 50% off an item), and if you have the iPhone app you can just pull up the coupon on your phone to use in store...but even cooler...there's no limit to how many times you use it!

    1. Love Michaels! Just with we had a closer one, and a Hobby Lobby for that matter!

  5. I knew goodwill kept their best stuff for online, but I didn't know there was a SITE! So cool. Always figured it was just through ebay. I feel a new addiction coming on. . .

    Another tip: I know you said you don't want to go "coupon clippin' crazy" but Target is a great place for it. They often have coupons for their clothes and homegoods too. I've gotten jeans for my girl for $1 for school with clearance and a coupon. Couponing is great in moderation :D.