Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Randomness of My Boobtube

This post is a totally random collection of the things I have been (and will be) tuning into  that keep me entertained, engaged, and straight up enraged. So if I ramble- you have been warned!

#1) I have a new obsession on Netflix called Friends with Benefits. You have to check it out- so funny! I was totally worried when I started it that it was just another cheesy sitcom, but there is some really smart humor going on with this of group single and ready to mingle friends.

#2) Can we please discuss how excited I am for Les Miserables to hit the big screen?? Look at that cast- Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway. Redick!! This is going to be amazing. I can sing every single song from this musical by heart- you would probably scratch your eyes out if I made you listen to me- but that's besides the point. No joke- I think I still have the cassette tape that my mom gave me of this show. CANT WAIT!

#3) I found out via this week that a remake of the Anne of Green Gables series is in the works. Those VHS tapes are sitting right next to the Les Miserables cassette in my shoe box of all time favorite things! I swear for the longest time I thought that if I dyed my hair orange that Gilbert would come knocking on my door....ahhh I can dream.

#4) HGTV you are a liar. House Hunters is FAKE?!? I feel robbed of my youth... OK well not really, but what the heck? I found out about this on Huffington Post today, and they broke it to me that the show is faked. The people looking at the homes have in fact already purchased one and the other two are fakes. Lame. And really, if I have to watch one more person pay $200K for a 6 bedroom mansion in a suburb of Atlanta I'm going to throw up. Check out the Boston real estate market and see what shoe box apartment with no bathroom and a homeless man living in your basement you can get for that same price....sorry that was from a hurtful place....

#5) I can tell you were I will be this Saturday night while Joey is on call....oh yeah Lifetime....Blue Lagoon: The Awakening here I come!

What have you been watching lately??

XOXO Katie
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  1. I definitely thought I was the only one obsessed with Anne of Green Gables! So excited to hear about the remake!

    1. Love it! My sister and I used to watch that VHS series all the time. So good:)

  2. McMansions on House Hunters for $200k do make me sick... I've come close talking hubby into moving while watching the show.

    1. Right?! I want to slap those people sometimes. They compain that they 2 acre yard looks so small and I cringe thinking about how I have 3sq/ft to put my garbage can and I paid 2x what they did!