Thursday, June 21, 2012

Topiary Facelift

You all know I am a huge advocate for Pier 1, and I mentioned before their sales are pretty redic. I nabbed these two 12" topiaries for less than $12 TOTAL when at full price they would have been nearly $50 for the pair. Love those kinds of finds- totally worth the quick store pop in and when I see shelves full of items with tiny red clearance stickers my heart skips a beat!

The topiaries were in good shape, but I did want to jazz up the pot a bit since drab
 brown what not really doing it for me.

I whipped out the high gloss black paint and gave them a quick once over.

With a ruler and pencil, I marked 2" from the bottom of the pot all the way around and the used painters tape to ensure my line would be crisp. I broke out my trusty gold leaf paint and painted the bottom half of the pot.

It was as simple as that! Just a few hours to fully dry and these were ready to pop on the mantle.

For a less than the cost of one lunch out I was able to dress up out mantle with a little greenery. I still need to find something to go in the center opening, but at least I am now one step closer to a completion!

XOXO Katie
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  1. So creative!! Your dresser makeover has been stuck in my head since I saw it and I am DETERMINED to learn to use the paint sprayer this weekend so I can paint something up grey!!

  2. What a great find ... I love, love, love your den set-up!