Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hittin' the Silver Screen

I am going to preface this with "this is probably only exciting to me..." but I am thrilled to announce that my DIY dresser formally known as the "Green Monster" has hit the silver screen!

I don't have a great "before" pic of this bright green beauty, but you can see her on the left hand side of this pic. That was our very first apartment in Chicago- we LOVED that place, all air conditionless/right next to the EL tracks/ 600 square feet of it :) Great memories of our first year as newlyweds.

Joey was not the biggest fan of her "unique" color, so when we moved to Boston I gave her a simple coat of white semi-gloss paint and changed out the handles for rose colored crystal and brass pulls. That was just a temporary fix- the scale was not right for our bedroom so eventually onto Craigslist she went.


When scheduling a pick-up with the Craigslist buyer, the girl mentioned that she was a set designer for an upcoming movie that was being filmed in Boston. She said the movie was a rom-com staring Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg. I took in all this info with a grain of salt, but when a moving service came to pick up the dresser and I had to sign a bunch of paperwork validating the sale, I thought the girl may not have been totally full of it.

Flash forward one year to me sitting at work and my boss sends me a link to a movie that made him literally giggle like a little school girl.

This is the trailer that he sent over for the movie Ted.

I sat watching and thinking, "There is a teddy bear humping a cash register, such boy humor..." and then BAM!!! MY GREEN MONSTER AT 00:45!!!!!

Such a celeb!! What are the chances that of all movies for my boss to send over, of all the scenes to include in the trailer, what are the chances that the Green Monster would be right there!? Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways...

Very exciting for a DIYer like myself, nothing could be better than one of my projects up on the big screen :)

XOXO Katie
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  1. I can't believe this -- what an awesome story! Your dresser plays the perfect cameo. :) Just goes to show you, too, that you must have GREAT taste -- fabulous enough for Hollywood status!

    1. Haha thanks, April! I'm like a proud mama of that dresser :) Thanks for reading!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sarah! Still can't believe it made it into the trailer!

  3. That's awesome! Your famous dresser looks fabulous :)

    1. Thanks Dana! Hope the scarf arrived safely!