Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning Comes Out of the Closet

Time for a little spring cleaning for my walk-in closet. This DIY is not that exciting, but totally necessary for most people at least once a year.

My husband and I share one walk-in closet in our master bedroom. Its definitely a tight squeeze- that boy has a lot of clothes for a guy who is wearing hospital scrubs 99% of the time!

This is what our disaster zone looks like- eek!

So time to pull EVERYTHING out and start fresh. I made three piles- Keep, Donate, and Toss. Everything that I kept I had worn at least 2 times in the last year. Donation items were things that were still in good shape, just didn't fit or not my style anymore. And toss items included stained or ripped pieces.

You can see my bedroom look liked a bomb blew up in it, but it really helped getting everything out and taking a real inventory of what we had.

Once I rid the empty closet of the gross dust bunnies that made a nice little nest in the corners, I decided that I wanted to do something a little fun with the one wall that you can actually see. I have been swooning over large graphic stripes and I thought it wouldn't be too time intensive to do it in this small space.

All I needed was a measuring tape, pencil, and Scotch Blue Painters Tape. I measured from the top of the baseboard to the ceiling and it came out to be 89.5" (which I rounded to 90" for my own sanity). Then I decided I liked the look of 9" thick stripes.

I marked the wall (at 8 different points) 9" from the top of the baseboard. With the tape, I made the line all the way across the wall and made sure I pressed it down firmly. I knew I wanted to have the last stripe that would be against the ceiling remain tan, so that meant that the bottom stripe would need to be white. The one tricky thing to remember is where to place the tape when you are doing a contrasting color.

Example: Lets call color white "A" and the tan base color "B". When you are taping for an "A" stripe, then the tape will be on the outer edge of the line you marked. When you are taping for a "B" stripe then the tape will be on the inner edges. It will look a little funny when the tape is up because they won't look even, but once the tape is removed you will see why you did it that way.

Then I just moved up the wall until all of my lines were marked and taped. I did not measure from line to line- I always started from the top of the baseboard in case something got out of whack. So my lines were at 9", 18", 27", 36", etc...

Then I broke out the white paint and filled those suckers in!

It took me three coats because I didn't use a primer, but the wall was so small that it didn't take too long. I removed the tape as soon as my last coat was up. When doing graphic lines I have learned it is best to remove the tape quickly to get a crisp edge.

Here is the finished wall!

Now it was time to for the tedious part- putting back all of the clothes- ugh...

The Hubs clothes go on top, mine go on the bottom, and shelves were organized accordingly. All winter sweaters are stashed up top because we (hopefully) won't be needing them for a while :)

I had a mirror and a cute bench that I brought in now that there is a little bit of free floor space.

Ok maybe not that exciting for everyone, but when there is clearly not enough closet space in our condo and any declutting is an improvement.

It love turning a very blah and neglected space into something cute and consistent with the style of the rest of the place. It makes it feel a little more cohesive.

Plus look at the cute view I now have from my bed!

Hopefully you all get some time in the next few weeks to declutter your lives and breath in the warm spring air!

XOXO Katie

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  1. Wow, awesome job re-doing the closet. I'm impressed!!

    1. Thanks Colleen-clearly something had to be done before the clutter ate us alive!

  2. You did an amazing job, Katie! The stripes make the closet look deeper, and the mirror and bench are such a cute addition. I love organized spaces like this! :)

    1. Thank you Stephanie! Such a good feeling to get rig of all that stuff! Plus who can resist making any space a little more girly:)