Friday, April 20, 2012

Paint Chip Picasso

We have all seen some creative juices flowin' with paint chip art (if your a Pinterest addict like myself), so I wanted to give it a try. I needed a little pop of color to pull my new desk accessories together and I had a budget of a whopping $0.

Here were a few of my inspiration idea:



After spending some quality time in the Home Depot paint section, I landed on a green palette that would coordinate with the other colors in the room. I know its not stealing since they are free, although when hoarding 20 different paint chips (many of the same color) I can't help but sense the dirty looks from the paint store guy shooting into the back of my head. Too bad, so sad- I don't see any price tags!

You will need the supplies below:

Paint chip cards
Frame (mine came with the matte)
Clear tape

Using the frame matte as a template, I was able to map out how I wanted to cut my swatches to create a design I liked.

And with a little ruler and scissor magic I had everything ready to tape.

The look I was going for was clean and simple, but you can arrange the swatches any way you would like. I used the picture that was in the frame as a guide for lining up the swatches- you can't see through them so the photo will be covered in the end. I also alternated starting from left to right so that my seams did not line up.

Just tape them down as you go.

Its as easy as that!

This can be done with any colors, and to any scale. Nothing beats free art that can be completed with regular household items, and in less that 30 minutes. These would make a great gift as well so keep that in mind the next time you want to get something for someone special!

Did anyone else try a cute paint chip project out there? With endless options- its so fun to hear how people can personalize this project.

XOXO Katie

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