Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Conquering Ikea A.D.D.

Ikea, oh how you tease me! You lure me in with your low prices and boundless options, and yet I always leave with a $300+ receipt burning a hole in my pocket.
 Whyyy (I cry with one arm waiving in despair)???

The sad part is that I have not even gone yet, but I know I am in for spending a good chunk of change.

Joey is going back for a quick visit to Chi-town without me (single tear), and I am planning my trip to Ikea while he is gone. I have to be strategic when scheduling my Ikea days so he is out of town or on call at the hospital because he gets the severe sweats when we go there. Something about how I have the the attention span of a squirrel and I run around like a mad woman throwing everything I can reach into our cart. Whatevsies...

So I thought I would actually use the shopping list function on the website to plan what I am looking for. Chances I will stick to this list? Slim to none. But at least I tried:)

BILLY OLSBO Door IKEA Push to open; no handles needed. Adjustable hinges; adjust vertically and horizontally.
BILLY Bookcase Door
(4) $30.00 each
BRANÄS Laundry basket with lining IKEA Handwoven; each basket is unique.
BRANAS Laundry Basket
DILLING Underbed storage box IKEA Use one or two boxes under the bed for extra storage space. The lid keeps dust out of the box.
DILLING Underbed Storage
KASSETT Magazine file IKEA Label holder with paper included.
KASSETT Magazine File
(2) $4.99
KASSETT Box with lid IKEA This box is suitable for storing your newspapers, magazines, photos or other memorabilia.
KASSETT Box w/ Lid
(2) $9.99 per pair
FEJKA Artificial potted plant IKEA Lifelike artificial plant that remains looking fresh year after year.

That totals to just over $200 and those are just the items that I have to get much less what catches my eye while I'm there.

Ouch- that's going to make a dent in my budget- good thing the hubs is not here and I can claim I was shopping to kill my loneliness :)

Anyone else's significant other dread Ikea days as much as my hubs? I can't even imagine what its like if you have kids in tow- oy vey!

XOXO Katie

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  1. Ian hates Ikea! It's always so crowded, and making your way through that maze to find the exit can be SO overwhelming. I prefer going solo :)

  2. Ben had a full on panic attack the first (and last) time we have ever been to Ikea together. I loved it!!

  3. The ONLY way I can get Joey to go is he goes hungry and he gets those swedish meatballs-nasty!