Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Sew Curtain Conversion

This project was so (or should I say "no-sew") easy I just had to share.
**Sorry that was totally lame but I couldn't resist :)**

I bought new curtains this weekend because the green ones in my guest room were looking a little skimpy. They were called LENDA from Ikea, and a pair that were 118" long came in at only $29.99. So I nabbed those suckers up!

LENDA Pair of curtains with tie-backs IKEA Light filtering curtain. Tab heading works on curtain rods.
I normally avoid the tab top curtains and go for a grommet or pleated look, but at such a low price for that long length I could not pass them up. I like a more custom look and the tabs just don't for it for me- it screams "Hey! I just bought these for way cheap!"

So I came up with this SUPER SIMPLE no-sew fix to turn the curtains into a more custom look.

All you need is a roll of 1/2" fusible bonding web and an iron. Cut two pieces of the web the same width of the tab. Fold the tab down on to the back of the curtain, and place the web between the  bottom of the tab and the back of the fabric.

Follow the directions on the back of the boding web- mine said to hold the iron on the fabric for 10 seconds (using steam). If you have silk curtains or a polyester, make sure you have a thin press cloth between the iron and the curtain so that it wont burn or melt.

Once I tested the first one, and it held tight, I repeated the same step for all the tabs.

Really that's about it- Just slip the curtain rod through the back pockets that were created and hang! Took me about 10 minutes and it was SUCH and improvement. Love those kinds of projects!

XOXO Katie

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  1. I love bonding web - I can't believe I used to actually pay people to hem my curtains!

    1. It is the best thing ever! So easy and fast for home decor stuff :)

  2. this is great! also the molding in your home is AMAZING!!

    thanks for stopping by the blog!