Monday, May 21, 2012

Sweet-N-Savory Strawberrries & MBH Giveaway!

So I did it AGAIN. I went to Costco and bought 80 million strawberries.

"Why?" you ask.

Because I can. So I did.

I have no idea why I make the mistake of buying perishable items in bulk. You would have thought that I would have learned my lesson by now. They always end up in the garbage or growing a full winter sweater of mold in the back of my fridge.

Knowing this, I was determined to use up every last strawberry if it killed me. And to be honest I was a little nervous because I completely winged these recipes so success was a total long shot.

First, lets start with a little somethin' sweet.

Strawberry Compote


2 cups chopped strawberries
1 1/4 cup water
2/3 cup sugar (or Splenda)

I gave the strawberries a rough chop and put all of the ingredients in a medium sauce pan. I turned the heat on to low (2-3 level out of 10) and let those babies simmer for about an hour or until the syrup made a thick coat on the back of a spoon. It thickened on its own creating a gooey sweet heaven of sorts. Literally- that's it.

I toasted up a bagel, smeared on some whipped cream cheese, and spooned the sweet strawberry compote on top. 
This would make a great little gift if you bottle it up- sadly, that didn't happen for me because it was gone before the stuff even had a chance to cool :)

Now on to a little savory concoction...

Strawberry, Avocado & Feta Salsa

Sounds really weird, I know. But honestly, I even impressed myself with this one. This was probably one of the best and freshest tasting things I have made is a really long time. And here's how it goes...


2 cups chopped strawberries
1 chopped avocado (not a super smushy one- save that for your guac)
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 Tbs. chopped canned jalapenos
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
1/2 of a small red onion chopped
2 Tbls. fresh lime juice
2 tsp. grated lime rind
1 tsp. red pepper flakes
Salt & Pepper

I chopped up all of the ingredients and put them into a small mixing bowl. Then I stirred everything together and add salt and pepper to taste. Stuck that concoction it the fridge and let it marinate together for about an hour.

After I grilled up some flank steak I spooned on a healthy portion ( healthy I mean so much that you could hardly see the steak underneath;).

All I have to say is that this was INSANE! 

Its so hard to describe the flavor- its like sweet and spicy and salty all at the same time. SO GOOD.

We had it on steak the first night, and then the next time I put it on top of some simple talapia fillets. Delicious! I am totally making this for my next party because it would be great with a huge bowl of pita chips too.

Both of these recipes were super easy and perfect for summer. Nothing beats fresh fruit when its in season.

Next time I just wont buy enough to feed a small village... who am I kidding? Yes, I will.


Because I can.

Some one needs to take away my Costo card before I lose my mind and start buying 
20lb hunks of meat and 1000 toilet paper rolls...

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