Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Ole' Fashioned BBQ

I can't believe that summer is over. Honestly, that brings a little tear to my eye when I think about all the fun things that the hubs and I do on our free weekends during these warm months. But alas, seasons come and seasons go...

So let's end it with a bang and a good ole' fashioned BBQ! We are in Chicago visiting family this week so we are totally going to have to hijack some one's grill, but I have gathered up some of my fave recipes that we will be bringing to the table!

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Caprese Skewers via Iowagirleats

Mexican Grilled Corn à la Cooks Illustrated
Grilled Mexican Corn- via Dishygoodness

Bobby Flay Throwdowns Green Chile Cheeseburgers
Bobby Flay's Green Chile Burger- via Foodnetwork

Homemade Portillo's Chopped Salad- via Stolenmomentscooking
This is a remake of my all time favorite salad- if you are from Chicago you know how amazing it is!!

Grilled Peaches- via PBS

Hope you have some great things planned for this weekend, and I will see in September!!

XOXO Katie
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