Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh Jackie

When vintage fashion and home decor combine its like hearing angels sing :)

Eight years ago there was an exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago featuring Jackie Kennedy and what she wore during her time in at the White House. The pieces were stunning yet simple with clean lines and classic cuts.

As my mom and I were heading out I saw this poster in the gift shop and had to nab it up.
It was the perfect combination of vintage femininity with a modern vibe in the photography of the pieces.

Well, after I spent the weekend helping my parents go through our old house I decided that I could not bare to let go of this poster, and that it needed its due respect with a proper frame.

I am trying to decide what kind of frame and matte I should go with, so please help me out!

Here it is with a few different framing options. I am kind of loving it with either the the thin gold one (middle left) or the black one with white matte and back trim (bottom left). But what do you think???

Joey does not love the poster because it is too "girly", but I am thinking that for a powder room or little girl's room it might be perfect. Or for that giant walk-in closet of my dreams...but back to reality!

XOXO Katie
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  1. Random information... We use to get my sister in-law a Jackie o gift every year for Christmas. I'm pretty sure this would be perfect to get her. LOL I like the bottom left frame the best. =)

  2. Great idea! I have a pink girly room that could definitely use this!!

  3. Love the poster--and I'm definitely feeling the left bottom white matte with black trim!