Tuesday, July 31, 2012

End of an Era

This last weekend I flew home to Chicago with a heavy heart. After living in our family home for 16 years, my parents have decided to sell our house and downsize. I am not going to go in to too much detail, but lets just I was NOT a happy camper, and was about two seconds away from handcuffing myself to the front door in protest.

The sale was a bit of a shock- my parents had been looking to scale back since all three of us kids have moved out, but the house was not even officially on the market. A young couple had seen the house and made an offer that got the ball rolling- lets just say I officially hate those people now, but whatevs.

If you remember way back when, I mentioned being a little homesick out here in Boston. Yeah that was sugar coating it... I have a pretty severe case of the I-would-totally-live-above-my parents-garage-the-rest-of-my-life-if-it-were-socially-acceptableititis. So this decision to move was ahem...upsetting. I pretty much cried the entire weekend...yeah fun fun.

My parents flew me in to go through all of my things to see what I wanted to keep and what could be pitched, so decided to do a little Instagram-recap of the weekend. The good, bad, and the ugly.

I wanted to capture the view that I woke up to every morning growing up. How many of you are still rocking your Laura Ashley sheets circa 1990? Yes- be jealous... Also notice my wedding bouquet next to my lamp. I can remember so clearly waking up in this room the morning of my wedding and being beyond excited to marry Joey :)

We popped in the old home videos and laughed at my sisters bunny cheeks, my love of the "I've been eaten by a boa-constrictor" song, and my brothers ability to drive my sister and I crazy without getting punished.

I sorted through all the papers and drawings that my mom stashed since I was really little. This is just a sampling of one of the letters I wrote home from summer camp when I was 8 or 9. Let's just say that the homesickness issue started early, because most were me BEGGING to come home. But when I saw this one I could not help but crack up.

After going through the entire box of memories I have discovered some things that still ring true today:

1. I was/am obsessed with cats and kittens
2. I have a legit addiction to candy
3. I can't spell (if you follow my blog with any consistency then you were well aware of that by now!)

I miss you gyes!

I blame my sister and my crazy besties for this one...I had nothing to do with this, Mom!

Apparently, I was a fat teen. Hence why I refuse to show Joey any photos of me between 4th-7th grade. It was not a good time for me and my waistline! Thank goodness we went to separate middle schools because I am pretty sure we would not be married to me right now if he knew my fattie potential.

I can't believe the 18 years of my life can fit into 5 boxes. Honestly, that depresses me to no end. I have taken mental pictures of my bedroom because I have decided that I MUST have a daughter so that I can recreate my room like a little "Katie shrine" with all of my old stuff. Is that weird?? Nooo....

At the end of the weekend, I had to say goodbye and it was really painful for me. I know that it is not the house that makes it home. It's the fact that my parents and siblings shared so many wonderful memories there together. I need to pick up my chin and be thankful that there are many more happy memories to come...but let's be honest...I'm really not that mature and I am still going to pout about it for a few more days!!

I know every time I go home the sting will get less and less, but its hard to imagine not pulling into my driveway and reciting a little tidbit that we always said when we came back home from a trip; "Who's beautiful house is this? I just do not know. I bet they have three pretty kitties..."

Have any of you had to gone through the sale of your childhood home?? How did you feel about it?

XOXO Katie
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  1. I dread the day when my parents sell our house. I know it's a lot for them upkeep-wise now, especially with their 3 kids all living solo now. I'm sure it will get easier with time for you.

    PS - Lean Teen ... SO funny - that video cover is amazing!

    1. Its a day I think a lot of people our age dread. Its kind of like someone telling you that you are really an adult. Not so fun...
      Maybe I will just eat my feelings and then need that Lean Tean video again!

  2. I did not. We actually moved a lot so I don't get people that have such attachment to one house.
    The only thing I have to compare is my Aunt and Uncle's house where I spent a lot of my childhood.

    I know people do though. My husband still talks about his childhood home.
    His parents sold it several years back and moved and bought a retirement home.
    Just think of this way. At least you won't have to deal with it later down the road after your parents are gone.
    My Dad is 65 and his Mother passed away a year and 1/2 ago and he's now going through his childhood home.
    Not an easy feat, especially when you're the only living child left.

    1. I actually moved 4 times before the age of 13 so I think the reason why I was so attached to this house was because I was the first time we really planted roots. It would be hard going through all of the stuff in the house down the road, but I still dont see my parents as "getting older"- Maybe I am in denial of that too...Luckly they are in great shape and I am grateful for that!

  3. I totally feel you and I would cry and throw a fit too. My parents are toying with the idea of putting my childhood home on the market an the thought is soooo sad and upsetting to me. Everytime I go home she has me help her clean out another closet and its torture!

    1. Thats how it started for me too! One closet at a time...so sad...I just looked at that pic above of my house and my eyes are still watering up!

  4. Laughing so hard at the drawer of Mike's Hard Lemonades! I have not had to deal with this yet but I think I would be upset too!

  5. This was a hilarious post, but also really sad to have to pack up and say goodbye to a childhood home. I love your letter from camp! I have some pretty funny letters my older sisters kept from when they were in college and I was in elementary school basically begging them to let me come live in their dorms.

    I found your blog linked to another and really enjoy it!

  6. Not only did my parents move out of our childhood home (as part of the downsizing/all the kids have left process), but they moved into their carriage house next door...so I have to see our old house constantly and the new people who live there (who have ruined it with their poor decorating skills). As much as I love the new house, having the old one next door is the worst!