Monday, July 2, 2012

Digging for Gold

My weekends when Joeys is on call can be a little...slow. Especially during the summer when peeps are taking trips to the beach, going on vacations, and grilling out, and I am waiting for the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he will be home before 6 so we can take a walk around the pond.  Lets just say I have a lot of time to watch Bravo and shop. Sadly, I don't have the budget to hit Newbury Street every time I'm bored so I make it a personal challenge to see what cute duds I can nab with just a little cash.

You all saw the Goodwill goodies that I have collected so far this summer, but don't think I pass up the clothes and just bee line for the home section. I try to take my time and dig through everything to see what hidden gems I can find. I look for brand names and barely worn pieces that I can mix and match into my wardrobe. ANY sign of wear and its a no go- I have to be super picky because if it looks a little drab in the store then it will look awful when I get it home. Here are a few things I pick up recently.

WD NY colorful cardi/ H&M plaid shirt/ J Brand black Jeans/ Forever21 chiffon floral top/ Isabella Rodriguez striped cardi/ Forever 21 black shift dress/ Banana Republic ruffle dress/ Vintage black leather purse/ Fioni faux TB flats

I can't fight spending less 1/4 the cost of the J Brand jeans alone for all of these pieces. I got lucky with the faux Tori Burch flats because they were unworn and will be perfect when I'm just running around town and don't want to wear out my real ones.  

It takes some real digging and patience, but these will be items that will fall seamlessly into my wardrobe and make me feel less guilty come bill paying time.

Anyone else have any 2nd hand finds that made you jump for joy in the dressing room?

XOXO Katie

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  1. Oh my goodness, amazing finds!

    Ian used to work on call, and I can totally agree with you ... while it can be nice to lose yourself in trashy girly TV and consider cheese/crackers/fruit an acceptible lunch -- the days can go by so sloooowly.

    Here's my little shopping secret - we have a Plato's Closet near my work. Yes, my 30-year old self heads there a few times a year to bump elbows with the 16 year olds. But you can often find great (and unworn) clothes from F21, Anthropologie, etc!

  2. Hey Katie! Thanks for stopping by!
    I can't believe that you had 18 weeks of night float - you poor thing! Our longest stretch is 2 months. We also have 2 months in a row of 24 on/24 off which is almost worse than night float, but thankfully some "normal" rotations are squeezed in between the two, lol :o)

    Anyway, I LOVE the steals you found! Bargain hunting is one of my favorite call weekend activities too!

  3. Umm Can you please take me on your next goodwill adventure please!! AH MAZING

  4. So jealous of your finds! I live in DC and always find the best things at the Goodwill's near me. I always find J Crew tops and sweaters, Coach, Seven jeans, the list is endless. I would have to say the last few items that have left me super excited is the Longchamp tote I scored for $5, Coach wristlet, with the tags still attached for $5, J Brand jeans, Prada heels for $9 and just yesterday a J Crew blouse for $1.49 - Tuesday's are Customer Appreciation days = 25% off clothes!

    1. Those sound amazing!! Love customer appreciation day :)