Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is This Real Life?

I was chatting with Kerry over at Monograms & Martinis last week because she and her hubs bought their first home (yay!), and she had to make some quick picks for wall colors since they had scheduled painters to come ASAP. I had a flashback to how stressful that can be for a first time homeowner. I remember when we had to choose our paint colors from 800 miles away (we were still in Chicago when painting was done) and only had a paint store swatch as a preview. We got lucky with our choices, but the key word there is LUCKY

So, last week when I came across a website called Favorite Paint Colors, and I could not help but applaud the creator, Kristen. What a genius idea it was to gather REAL LIFE examples of what a paint color looks like. Not just magazine worthy photos- these are people's actual homes and real lighting so DIYers like myself can see what we are in for.

Just in case you were getting worried- I of course have to include one of my all time fave videos...you know to confirm your question..."Is this real life??"

Yes, David, why yes it is!

Pinterest is my obsession- those gorgie pics do it for me every time- but it is good to see what a wall color will look like for all non-professional photographers like myself.

You can search by a color (ex. blue, gray, pink, etc.) and the site pulls up tons of different true to life images of colors used in peoples homes. All images list the exact color and the brand name. You can also search by a specific color name and see if any photos have been submitted with that color.

Here is an example of how it works:
My living room is Rockport Gray by BM. So I searched "Rockport Gray" on Favorite Paint Colors and this image came up:

via Favoritepaintcolorsblog.com (submitted by Margot Smith)
This would have been great to see before the paint was up on the 12' high walls in our living room. Don't get me wrong, I love the color, but it does have a slight taupe undertone that I was not aware of when looking at my swatch card.

So heads up to all of you pining away over paint swatches and sample cards- go check out Favorite Paint Colors before you make the plunge!

XOXO Katie
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