Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ebay Baby!

My sister was in town this last weekend and she gave me the deets on where she is getting some of her adorable clothes for work and date nights. She a big advocate for online shopping, but for some reason its just not my thing (funny considering I work for an online clothing company- go figure). I usually like to feel the material and see color up close and personal, but with my upcoming month and its CRAZY schedule I needed to make some quick decisions for some special occasion duds. I am just exhausted thinking about it, and the idea that I needed to go out and find new dresses for the two upcoming weddings is just too daunting to take in.

So where did I turn? Ebay baby!

I have confirmed the purchase of one dress so far, but the time is running out on one more auction soon. I got a blush pink ruffle dress (originally $210) for $20! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Still waiting on the black empire waist dress's time to run out but so far I'm in it for less than $30.

I put together this inspiration board so I know what accessories I need to keep an eye out for, so cross my fingers that when this baby arrives it will look cute. But how could it not? I totally look just like that model in the pic...hmm yeah not so much:/

XOXO Katie
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  1. I'm a huge eBay fan -- I buy and sell on it. It's so rewarding to win an item! (Addictive, really!)

  2. I also love ebay for buying and selling! It's a fun game to see how much you get for stuff that you've had lying around or think nobody would want!

  3. Love these! I agree with April.. I am an ebay and craigslist addict.