Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flaunt Your Feathers

The moons collided with the great find that I had this weekend. I was walking around the block to our local market to buy an ingredient for my latest Pinterest inspired meal, and I stumbled upon small and somewhat...ahhem informal flea market on the lawn of our neighborhood recreation center. I have seen this group of characters there before and usually take a quick glance, but never find anything good. Unless you want a crude oil painting of JFK wearing clown costume to go above your fireplace. If so, then this flea market is for you.

Please note the bed pan in this pic- true gems here for sure :)
Well, after taking in the "interesting" array of goodies I came across a set of  gold aluminum peacocks that I knew just had to be mine. I knew the vendor was desperate when I had asked the price and she just replied with, "Well, make me an offer." Game on, Lady. And after pretending to look concerned about the flaking paint and one bent feather I blurted out, "Well, I have $5 dollars in my purse. So that's the best I can do....for both" And guess what?! She said "Then I guess I have no choice- $5 it is." Dunzo! These boys were mine!
They are now perched above the side table in our living room, which was screaming for some kind of sculptural work because another piece of art would have been too close to the botanical series above the couch.

I love the way the peacock image in carried out through interior design. It can go from traditional, to bohemian, to art deco so seamlessly. Considering the peacock represents rebirth, immortality, and love I am happy to have these statement pieces in my home.
Here are some other uses of the image that I just love...

I have been on the hunt for the last 2 years for a brass screen like the one above. I think it would look amazeballs in front of my faux fireplace that I installed forever ago! I am thinking that I need to suck it up and just order it on Ebay.

XOXO Katie

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  1. Great find! They look great where you have them.