Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting Back into the Groove

Happy Monday, All! I hope your weekends were fun filled and you welcomed the official beginning of fall with open arms. This is by far my favorite time of year with its scarves, boots, and vests all screaming my name.

This weekend was a little slow on my end with a husband who was MIA from working over 48 hours straight. So I spent my time doing the laundry and cleaning that I've been putting off since our return from our Labor Day trip (bad, I know). I did pat myself on the back for pounding out 9 loads of laundry in just under 3.5 hours. It's the small things that keep me going :)

But I was thinking about I have been slacking in one category of my blogging endeavor- my DIY projects. This summer was such a whirlwind with travel, weddings, work, and general life stresses, that I have totally neglected my love for doing DIYs. So I am going to really make an effort to get back in the swing of things with my projects.

I have been compiling a few ideas that you will hopefully see in the future from little ole' me, and I just cross my fingers that I will get around to doing at least 1/3 of what I set out to do. So here at the thoughts that are swimming around in my head at the moment.
Make a pouf / ottoman to go with my new chair in my bedroom:
via Decorpad, source: Turquoise LA
Try etching on glassware- maybe a vase for my guest bathroom:
via Social Graces
Make cute seat cushions for our plain white bar stools:
via Ballard Design

Do something with the 30+ brooch/clip on earring pieces that my Mom gave me:

Pinned Image
via AmoreTreasure on Etsy

Anyone else have any upcoming projects that you are excited about?!
XOXO Katie
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