Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Do you ever feel like after looking (ok, stalking...) some people's Pinterest boards that you would totally want to be friends with them in real life? I know that sounds weird, but there are a few people that I follow on Pinterest that I swear totally pin EVERYTHING that makes me drool and gets me to hit repin instantly.
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So that got me to thinking, what do I think makes someone an awesome pinner?
Here is a little list of criteria I would use to officially become your pinterest stalker (totally personal- you can judge as you see fit):
1. You love relatively healthy recipes that actually look appetizing (aka no weird things like quinoa, tofu, strange green things that I have no idea where I would even find it in the grocery store). On the flip side, I like sweets and junk food like the rest of 'em, but I can't look at brownies and cheese dips all day without fearing I will get cellulite in my desk chair.
2. You don't have a board called "For my future wedding when I meet Mr. Right." Come on now, lets get real. You should just be like my sister and have a secret file on her computer called "Investments" where she hides all of her wedding inspiration pics from her boyfriend and keep that private until he puts a ring on it. Sorry Jessie, but its true!
3. Your home decor pins have an emphasis on one thing- keeping your home light and bright. I have learned a lot about my design style and preferences in interior space. If it does not have amazing natural light then it is just not for me.
4. You love clothes but realize that life is not a runway or nightclub 24/7. You have a comfortable and casual style that mixes in basics with a pop of color or cute accessories.
5. You love DIY projects, but don't go all theme happy or make your home look like Michael's was having a flash sale and you took home the entire craft section. You keep things classy and generally glitter-free.
6. You don't pin photos of super toned girls in their workout clothes because you know that no matter what they subtitle says, a "30 pound in 30 day diet" is always a lie.

7. You are what I like to dub a "picky pinner." You only pin maybe a 15-20 things a week, but everything you pin is thought out and deliberate. Not a free for all to see how much you can pin during your lunch hour. Your boards are well organized and not cluttered or repetitive.
8. You are 100% confident that your baby/child will be absolutely adorable and perfectly dressed in trendier clothing than most of us grown women. Because of course our babies will all be that beautiful, right?! May as well start planning for their future Baby Gap modeling careers now :)
9. You DO NOT post your pins to your Facebook wall. The double exposure is just too much, if we want to see what you pin then we know where to find you.

10. Finally, and most importantly, you love all things having to do with kittens. Yeeaaah, that's probably just me...


Do you guys have any thoughts on what makes someone a "stalk-worthy" pinner??

XOXO Katie
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  1. Katie, can I just say you said everything I have been thinking about pinterest. Haha glitter free YES, 30 lbs in 30 days really? NO. I am guilty about pinning quinoa BUT I really do make and love it! Also guilty of pinning kittens once in a while-how can you resist?
    Haha love this post.