Monday, September 10, 2012

Rules, Shmules...

So I have a confession. I am such a cheapo that I had been holding off buying any clothes (other than my thrift store finds) for the last few months because I knew once labor day hit everything would go on super sale. I went the whole summer lusting over a classic pair of white skinny jeans and finally caved when they were on super sale at Old Navy. They were 30% off, plus I bought them through Ebates which gave me an additional 5% cash back. So all in all, I was at $23ish all in. Yep, I am that cheap...
Here is the dilemma, I ordered them with enough time to wear them at least once before the "no white after labor day" deadline, but I was a dumb butt and entered the wrong shipping zip code on my order. So it was no surprise that when my delivery date came and went, Old Navy customer service said "No problem, we will reship those to you but please allow 9 to 12 business days for redelivery." Poops:(
Then after some inner reflection and realizing that this was serious #firstworldproblems, I decided,  "Skrew it!" I am wearing these suckers as long as I want. So sue me! I totally think that white pants can be transitioned into a fall look with no problemo.
Here are a few looks that I pulled together to demonstrate that I am thinking for my white skinnys this season.

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XOXO Katie
**Only 3 more days to enter the leg warmer giveaway !!**
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  1. I did something similar and bought white jeans on sale at gap about a month ago. I just wore them yesterday and I don't care, either! :)

  2. I would totally rock that first outfit... I want!

  3. Who gives a shit? Wear them as long as you like and as often as you like. Does that 'rule' really still exist??

  4. Have you bought from before? The prices are crazy good but I want to make sure it's reputable :)

    1. I have not, but I did notice that they had a TON of cute stuff at super low prices. But like Sarah said, they may be straight out of China and their sizing runs SUPER small. Like an 8 would be a 2? If its a S/M/L/XL item you might be OK but other than that its a little risky. Let me know how it goes!

  5. I had a bad experience with Sheinside - I ordered a dress that was "one size fits all" but stretchy so I thought it would be fine. It ended up being way smaller than the measurements they listed on the website and literally was probably a child's size 10. I ended up getting about half of my money back after arguing back and forth via email with a lady in China who would respond to my emails in the middle of the night.

    Otherwise, love your outfits!